fishiconmedium.png  Red Mullet

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The red mullet is highly valued as food fish, especially in the Mediterranean Region. It is a light-pink fish with a jacket of scales. It has a fine and delicately flavoured, white, textured flesh. There are a couple of different types of red mullet and both are part of the goat fish family.

Unusually for a fish but the liver of red mullet, with its creamy texture similar to chicken liver, is a delicacy and is usually left intact when the fish is gutted.

fishicon.png Species Information

Flavour:  Mild
Texture: Flakes
Complimented by: Baked, steamed or even made into fish soups, cutlets and cold salads
Cooking Methods:  Griddle, grill, baked, pan fired, poached, steamed
Seasonality: All year availability.

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